Saturday, October 11, 2003

"America's Premier One-Day Business Conference"

2003 Speaker Line-Up
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Cal Ripken, Jr.
One of Baseball's
Most Memorable Legends

Karen Hughes
Former Communications
Director for President
George W. Bush

Jesse Ventura
Governor of Minnesota,
Navy Seal and
Former Star of the WWF

Neil Armstrong
First Man to
Walk on the Moon

J.C. Watts
U.S. Congressman
and Football Great

Fred Thompson
U.S. Senator,
Movie and T.V. Actor

Tom Wolfe
Award-Winning Author of
The Right Stuff and
Bonfire of the Vanities

George Mitchell
Former U.S. Senate
Majority Leader

Andrea Mitchell
Chief Foreign Affairs
Correspondent for
NBC News

Deborah Norville
Anchor of Inside Edition
and Best-Selling Author

Alan King
Comedian and Actor

Mary Robinson
Former President
of Ireland and
U.N. High Commissioner
for Human Rights

Phil Gramm
Former Presidential Candidate,
Economist and U.S. Senator

Christopher Buckley
Political Satirist and Former
Presedential Speech Writer

Matt Eversmann
American Hero Immortalized
in "Black Hawk Down"


Our Surprise Guest!
A tribute to one of America's Greatest Patriots

New this Year in the Business Tent

Jim Bouton
Retired Major League Baseball
Pitcher and Author of "Ball Four"

Dan Walters
California's Most Knowledgeable
Syndicated Columnist

Christopher Springmann
Award-winning Author
and Photographer

Ruben Navarratte, Jr.
Syndicated Columnist
Attentive to Latino Issues

Roger Crawford
Author and Lecturer on
Overcoming Adversity

Sergei Khrushchev
Son and a Historian of a
Former Soviet Leader

Michael Davis
One of the Most Popular
Comedians Returns to
Conference Stage